Donating Solar lamps

Large areas of Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity. Sixty percent of the population live completely without access. Several health clinics in the area lack power completely while some have insufficient access with several power cuts per day. One-third of all primary schools are without electricity. Health clinics, schools and families have to rely on expensive, dangerous and toxic kerosene lamps, or operate in darkness. The lack of electricity is an immense problem for these communities as children fall behind in school and healthcare professionals struggle to perform their duties.

We at All4Children cooperate with Little Sun, a producer of solar lamps, to ensure we can help these children and their families. As education and healthcare are vital in lifting children and communities out of poverty, we donate solar lamps to help them towards the bright future they deserve. We have donated Little Sun Solar Lamps to Clare Primary School and Clear Water Primary School in Zimbabwe’s rural Eastern Highlands region and are collecting donations to Health Clinics and Midwives in rural areas.

The solar lamps are designed by the famous artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Otessen. The Little Sun original lamp is designed to fit the palm of one’s hand and comes with a ribbon to ensure they are easy to use and carry for the children and their families. The newer model Little Sun Charge is slightly larger but provides enough light for an entire room for up to 155 hours on one 7.5 hour charge and also functions as a mobile phone charger.