Donation of Ambulances and Nurse training

Injured people and women in labour very rarely reach hospitals in time due to the lack of mobile healthcare and ambulances in rural Zimbabwe. To ensure better healthcare for these communities and a reduction in infant mortalities and women passing away in childbirth, we at All4Children in cooperation with Falck and Esbjergs emergency station have donated two fully equipped ambulances.




Along with the ambulances, Falck sent their Nordic Chief Medical Officer, Jesper Byrdorf, whom is responsible for the Nordic medical equipment set up in Falck Travelcare, to provide medical knowledge and training to the local nurses and instruct in how to best use the equipment.

The ambulances were donated to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare at Nyanga District Hospital and we can confirm the positive impact these ambulances have had on the district.



“The greatest positive impact has come from the donated ambulances. The majority of their workload is assigned to the collection and transfer of critically ill patients, especially maternity cases from the rural health centre level to the district hospital. We are extremely grateful for the much needed benefits these vehicles bring to the district. Thank you so much.”

– Dr Admore Jokwiro, District Medical Officer, Nyanga -District Hospital, Zimbabwe.



We are currently collecting donations. Please support us in our work of helping underprivileged children and communities establish better education and healthcare.