All for Children was founded in Denmark, 2011, as an Association, with a mission to make a difference for all Southern African children living in marginalised societies. Our thematic areas are within Health, Education and Community development. We focus on these, as we believe they are the three pillars which help to ensure children receive an enriched and more secure future.

To achieve our mission, we work with diverse partners on the ground in the form of well-established local NGO’s or Trusts. Our main partner is the All4Children Trust in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The two All4Children institutions are independent but work closely together.

We cooperate with local partners to ensure we are focusing on the right projects which yield the most impact in the communities on the ground. To guarantee we provide the best help and focus on the most valuable projects, our local partners discover and present projects, which they deem most beneficial for their communities. We strongly believe local expertise is imperative to ensure we provide the best aid possible.

Thereafter, we raise funds and enable a strategic rollout of the program through the combination of our expertise and local expertise.

Our Core Values are Commitment, Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. These Core Values describe the foundation of our organisation. We are also committed to maintaining a strong alliance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure underprivileged women, children, and societies can develop towards an improved and sustainable future.

All our community projects are leveraged and aimed at ending poverty, achieving gender equality and promoting sustainable economic growth.

Our various health projects and donations provide a healthier standard of living by assuring everyone in the community has sufficient access to medical care.

To ensure opportunities for higher quality education for all, our donations are made in close collaboration with the local communities and schools, ensuring they receive the best possible aid to achieve these goals.

To reach the goal of providing sustainable clean energy we donate and provide solar lamps for children, families and communities in rural areas.