Easter is Yellow and so is the Little Sun solar lamp

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" are the famous words spoken by Nelson Mandela which continue to echo in our world today. Surely, the power of education enables children to extend their knowledge of the world as it empowers children by teaching them essential tools on how to build opinions and interpret information. Thereby, opening doors to a better life. This powerful "weapon" can contribute to eliminating gender inequality, to prevent sickness, to create a sustainable planet and to foster peace.

We all know that to be a successful student, it is required of you to have the ability to read and study all the time; and as most students would agree on, reading and studying can extend to late evenings, long after the sun has gone down. This isn’t any different for the students in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. What is different however is the concerning lack of electricity in one-third of all primary schools in the region and the lack of safe and clean reading lights. The toxic traditional fuels, like kerosene and charcoal cause indoor air pollution and premature deaths.

Therefore, we have created a program that aims to prevent unnecessary stress and unsafety that many of these students experience when daylight turns to darkness. We aim to do this by providing school children in rural areas of Zimbabwe with solar lamps.

These safe and toxic free lamps are a healthier and more sustainable alternative that requires zero electricity. The Little Sun solar lamps are of high quality and founded by a prominent Danish/Icelandic artist named Olafur Eliasson and engineered by Frederik Ottesen. A clean and affordable source of light increases the chances of education, health, and prosperity, whereas living in darkness is likely to enforce illiteracy, illness, and poverty.

The access to a clean source of lighting might easily be undervalued; especially for us who have been fortunate to always have it, and yet many school children in countries such as Zimbabwe, are suffering because of the lack of lighting sources available to them. This meaningful program is striving to make a difference in this matter.

By donating to All4Children’s program, you will contribute to supplying students in off-grid Zimbabwe with solar lamps, which is the healthier and more sustainable source of lighting for the children and their families. Now that the days are getting brighter, the flowers are blooming and children all over the world are looking forward to the Easter holidays, we aim to colour a school or two yellow this Easter, with Little Sun Originals. Let us together brighten up a child's life. Happy Easter.

To donate a little sun to a student, click here.

For more information regarding the scientific aspects of solar power and the hazards of kerosene, please read the article "solar power for the poor: facts and figures" by David J. Grimshaw and Sian Lewis.

By the All4Children Communication Team!