It has been a wonderful start to the first quarter of the year, and we at All4Children are happy to announce that our yearly container is packed with school furniture and now making way to two rural schools in Zimbabwe!

Since 2012 we have been filling containers with hospital equipment, school supplies, sports equipment and various items you’d imagine a child to need for fuelling their education. We have sent these containers to schools and clinics in rural parts of Zimbabwe, via the sponsorship of Genbrug Til Syd (recycle to the south).

We want to use this opportunity of a new month to take you on a short journey back in time; to revisit all our exciting projects we have achieved and the communities you have helped to assist in the past years of supporting us. So, sit back, grab a cup of tea, a cheeky snack, and enjoy the read!

Organisation’s history

All4Children was founded in Zimbabwe in 2009 as a Trust, followed by an independent supporting Association also called All4Children in Denmark, in 2011. All4Children was established with a mission is to make a difference to all children living in marginalized communities in Southern Africa. However, our current focus is Zimbabwe, where we are assisting those in need through a keen focus on health, education and community development Projects. Since our inception, we have come a long way, and we couldn’t have done it without your continuous support. Let’s have a look at all of our amazing projects to date:


Macadamia nut project

With a grant, we facilitated the education and empowerment of 16 independent macadamia nut farmers in Chipinge, Zimbabwe. This was done in collaboration with the Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Agriculture’s body known as the Agricultural Technical and Extension Services (AGRITEX). This collaboration with AGRITEX enabled us to offer farmers an all-expenses -paid 10-month training and specialised education in farming and processing macadamia nuts.

Orphanage Donations

At St. Augustine’s Mission Orphanage in Penalonga, Zimbabwe, one can only imagine what the children dream of. At All4Children, we recognised that a simple gesture as assisting with simple fitting, wearable sports shoes and warm blankets during the cold winter periods, brings so much warmth and hope to them. In addition, we facilitated clothing donations from a local clothing manufacturer, via an event hosted by a local popular Big Brother Africa contestant (Ms. Vimbai Mutinhiri), in Odzi, Zimbabwe. This helped create more awareness about the needs of the underprivileged children in the area.

Promoting female talents from Southern Africa

“By Women of Africa”

Since All4Children´s focus is to create possibilities for women and children, it is safe to say that we are proud and happy to have created an event titled “By Women of Africa,” promoting four female artists from Zimbabwe, namely Prudence Katomene, Mercy Moyo Kudzai Sevenzo and Nonhlanhla Mathe. It is because of your keenness to support our projects that the women received recognition for their talents in this part of the world.


Donation of hospital commodities, training of paramedics and an exchange programme

We mobilised a donations of two Falck ambulances from Denmark to Zimbabwe and facilitated a course on how to use the equipment on-board the ambulances. We also have coordinated an exchange programme between Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors in Denmark (Rigshospital) and Zimbabwe (Parirenyatwa). In addition, we sent donated ENT equipment from Denmark’s Risgshospital’s to Hararare’s Parirenyatwa’s ENT. Wheel-chairs, crutches and other medical supplies were also donated to various rural clinics and have made a significant difference in these marginalised communities.



Little Sun donations and the ‘’Genbrug til syd’’- Recycling to the South project

You have probably heard the saying “education is the key to success” and we truly believe it is. We aim to provide children with opportunities enabling them to be closer to their dreams of being an important figure someday.Two of our ongoing education projects are the Little Sun Solar Lamp donations for children in rural areas without access to electricity and the ‘’Genbrug til syd’’ project, where we fill up containers with much needed school commodities. You can read more about the Little Sun in our 'light up a child's future blog.


It is both the donations from diverse companies and institutions, your practical participation at our events, your volunteering and your membership that enables us to continue reaching out to marginalised communities. Please read about our membership here.

By the All4Children Communication Team!