Light up a child’s future

Just like you, they wake up and go to school. Their eyes light up with the prospect of the belief in a better future. A belief that not only they have, but their parents and community have for them too. They dream of becoming successful. They dream of helping their families, communities and children who are just like them. According to a report from the World Health Organisation these children’s dreams are being suffocated due to air pollution. Numbers from the WHO report show that air pollution is the cause of 7 million deaths globally. Out of that number 4.3 million are due to household pollution ( The children and families that we at All4children strive to support are dependent on kerosene oil lamps as a source of light. Children will sit closely by these toxic lamps as they read, write and eat, and as they socialise together with their families at night.


Breathing Toxic Air

The World Health Organization writes that Kerosene oil, like any other chemical, can cause minor to severe health complications depending on how exposed one is to it. A study conducted by Berkley University, shows linkages between Tuberculosis (TB), indoor biomass and kerosene use. The study found that there was strong evidence to suggest that Kerosene stoves and wick lamps are linked to the development of TB. ( spew-black- carbon-should-be- replaced-study- says ) At All4Children, we recognise that children who need light to read and write their home work every night are at most risk of developing the worst side effects from chronic exposure to kerosene. Besides TB, some of the health side effects include serious lung injury such as pneumonitis, irritation to the eyes and nausea. These are all health risks that can severely impact a child’s health and future.

Light of hope

All4children, in cooperation with Little Sun, donate solar lamps to those who are most in need of them. Both children and adults alike use the solar lamps daily. The Kerosene lamps are replaced with the ‘Little sun’ lamps, and parents do not need to worry about the future costs of Kerosene oil or the health risks their children would have been exposed to daily. Little sun solar lamps can light up an entire room for up to 6.5 days and only takes 7.5 hours to charge. The solar lamps ensure that we at All4Children can help create a healthier and safer environment for all these children.

How you can help

For 150 DKK, you can donate one Little Sun to help change the lives of each child and their families. You not only create a safer environment for them to socialise, eat and study in, but with the little sun, children can walk home safer at night and reach their future dreams.

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