We Focus On


We at All4Children believe everyone should have access to healthcare. In rural and marginalised areas health care is inadequate. To ensure better health care in underprivileged societies, we collect and donate health equipment upon request from local hospitals.


Education is vital to focus on when lifting children out of poverty and towards a prosperous future. Education helps nurture communities and benefits all layers of society. We at All4Children therefore focus on helping children in rural schools by sending school supplies and solar lamps.

Community Projects

We identify, initiate and promote income generating projects that empower local communities. The projects focus on knowledge transfer and capacity building with the aim of lifting communities out of poverty. So far, we have worked with Macadamia nut farmers from the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and promoted highly talented female Zimbabwean artists into Scandinavia.

About Us

We work to support women and children in Zimbabwe to ensure underprivileged children inherit the promising future they deserve. Through our donations and community development programs, we are able to support women and children in rural regions. Our focus areas are Education and Health, together with Community Projects, which empower local women. The reason we focus on women is because, we believe in the saying - when you empower a woman, you empower an entire community - and that is crucial for a child's future.

Core Values

Our Core Values are Commitment, Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. These Core Values describe the foundation of our organisation. We are also committed to maintaining a strong alliance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure underprivileged women, children, and societies can develop towards an improved and sustainable future.

Our Projects


“It was a wonderful experience I had with All4Children. I got a chance to network and perform with other artists. The experience influenced my work significantly in terms of growing my art and reaching the global market, and being able to curate my own shows. For me this was what I was lacking and I got all that from what All4Children did for me.”

“We are grateful for the coordination of the implementation of the Danish-Zimbabwean Ear Nose & Throat Department medical educational exchange Link that All4Children facilitated, including donation of equipment from Righshospital’s ENT department to us here in Zimbabwe. The link is very successful and we are sending 2 medical (ENT) students from Zimbabwe to Denmark every year”

"The greatest positive impact has come from the donated ambulances. The majority of their workload is assigned to the collection and transfer of critically ill patients, especially maternity cases from the rural health centre level to the district hospital. We are extremely grateful for the much needed benefits these vehicles bring to the district. Thank you so much."

Support Us


Your membership is highly valued and contributes to each of the projects we work with. Without your help we are not able to reach our targets of helping people in need, so please sign up, become a member and make a real difference. Membership fee is DKK 100 per year.


Would you like to create a future full of possibilities for underprivileged women and children? We are often looking for volunteers in various areas, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a desire to help people.


Please help us reach our goals of ensuring underprivileged women and children inherit the prosperous future they deserve. You are welcome to donate both through items and with monetary funds.